About Future Traffic Security

The Future Traffic Security is a specialised conference about the security implications of the introduction of autonomous transport and other disruptive transport technology to safeguard public safety, protect assets and ensure the future has a stable and effective transport infrastructure. This industry leading event under the patronage of the Ministry of Interior UAE, will provide a platform for national police forces, transport authorities and international technology innovators to cooperate, collaborate and share best practice to ensure preparedness and planning for a secure transport future.

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Did you know?
  • Implementation of smart autonomous vehicles trials & pilot projects – considering network security and threat protection strategy
  • Allocating civil and criminal liability in the event of a cyberattack, vehicle hacking or deliberate interference with an autonomous vehicle
  • Authorising police and law enforcement agencies to intercept and remotely stop self-driving vehicles

Excellent Opportunities

  • Evaluate the best practices and the latest technology and techniques to ensure transport security
  • Discover the importance of implementing new regulation, standards and partnerships
  • Access inspiring high-level panel debates from government and industry expert influencers
  • Take part in collaborative conversations between government and innovative private sector solution providers


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