About Future Traffic Security

Future Traffic Security is a specialised conference about the security implications of the introduction of autonomous transport and other disruptive transport technology to safeguard public safety, protect assets and ensure the future has a stable and effective transport infrastructure. This industry leading event under the patronage of the Ministry of Interior UAE, will provide a platform for national police forces, transport authorities and international technology innovators to cooperate, collaborate and share best practice to ensure preparedness and planning for a secure transport future.

The MOI Future Foresight Series will help to develop tools, data capability and the skills required for future foresight. Use of qualitive and quantitive methods to predict the nature an importance of future trends and developments and analyse their impact on the entities work related areas, as well as identification and selection of the best alternatives based on trends to enable the entity to achieve its objectives

This event series will be a platform for Ministry of Interior to support integration of the Future Foresight initiative in key business sectors to ensure current and future security

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Did you know?
  • The future of transportation – new methods, technology and potential security threats
  • Innovation, policy, legislation, infrastructure, testing and technology for autonomous transportation in the urban environment and the safety and security implications
  • Smart autonomous vehicles trials & pilot projects – considering network security and threat protection strategy
  • Allocating civil and criminal liability in the event of a cyberattack, vehicle hacking or deliberate interference with an autonomous vehicle
  • Authorising police and law enforcement agencies to intercept and remotely stop self-driving vehicles
  • Safely integrating autonomous vehicles with other road users
  • Establishing international agreements and rules for autonomous vehicles
  • Best practice and case studies from international technology test beds
  • Assessing liability in accidents involving autonomous vehicles
  • Adapting safety standards and regulation to allow further testing and training to ensure safety on public roads


Top Reasons To Attend

  • Learn more about the future challenges of new technology and its impact on transport security in the UAE
  • Evaluate the best practices and the latest technology and techniques to ensure transport security
  • Discover the importance of implementing new regulation, standards and partnerships
  • Examine innovation keynotes and sessions to provide insight into what the future of transport will look like

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